Transparet Creatures

Kurt Papstein
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Have you wondered how to create creepy transparent monsters? Curious how to quickly render organic layers using ZBrush and Photoshop?

This tutorial will show you how I am able to start without an idea, and quickly render a creature to completion featuring transparent skin layers and organic forms. Sculpting the design from a sphere in ZBrush, I spend my time building up a foundation of anatomy and surface details. Working with Subtools to build out additional organic parts such as teeth, eyes, and organs. I discuss how I work with Polypaint to create convincing skin textures, and how I adjust my render settings in ZBrush to produce my final images. Finally, I share how to composite your renders in Photoshop, preparing the creature for final presentation.

"...Thank you for your tutorials and youtube videos. I have found tons of information there. And now I'm in love with digital sculpting..."

"...I wanted to thank you very much for all the amazing things you've shown. I really like your intuitive and speed oriented workflow...and they're affordably priced. Really appreciate it!..."

Product Includes:
  • 8 part video series (2 hours and 53 minutes)
  • Streamable, downloadable
  • No time-lapse, Recorded live

Topics Covered:
  • Sculpting in ZBrush
  • Polypainting
  • Creating Teeth
  • Organic Subtools
  • Rendering in ZBrush
  • Compositing in Photoshop

Tools Used:
  • ZBrush
  • Photoshop

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Transparet Creatures

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